03 february 2017
Do ut Do

Alessandro Mendini has designed the beautiful facade of the house do ut do whose rooms have been designed by leading architects and designers and from them dedicated to living values.
To give and give to Vitruvius VR company has made navigable the 12 rooms and the garden, as well as common atrium, using 3D modeling technologies.
The house do ut do and its rooms are then visited on the web (on this page, by clicking on the Mendini design with computer, tablet or smartphone) and through installations and stations with viewers 3d as if immersed in museums and exhibition venues that adhere the project: ROYAL PALACE OF CASERTA, MADRE, MAXXI, MART, Mambo, MAST.
Inside the house give and do presents the works of contemporary art and unique design pieces donated by important artists and designers on the international scene that are designed in the draw among all those who have made a donation to the Hospice Foundation Seràgnoli non-profit organization.