12 october 2016
Fabrizio Cotognini
Thaumaturgus opticus

Parallelo42 Edizioni Speciali © 2016 / Thaumaturgus opticus’ Ovvero ka- rwa- n-sara- y Ovvero il était juste un cauchemardi Fabrizio Cotognini / Monografia d’Autore / edition: 250 copie / Format: cm 24×30 / paper Cordenons: natural evolution 200 gr – pagine 32 – foglio steso mt. 3,84 / Cover: cartonata e accoppiata con carta luxury&touch


if the pages of the book, not just browsing but not line up, the rooms are also of
caravanseraglio built on a single line with a single light source. They are home to men, animals
and things. Will you listen mostly whispers, looks sharp movements, frulli of wings, the ticking
paws fine
if the pages of the artist's book are aligned on a single axis, the scattered images reach
units thereof; as in crowded rooms of a caravanserai, where multiple events unfold
in the thread of a single narrator who sets the pace with his fist on the floor sound
if the artist has placed its sign black on white, white on black, with lines crossed by images
perspective and captions; if the artist has placed the images of a book whose pages are placed on a
single axis but combine in infinite ways, is because it tells many stories unified by its
Look: the heraldic story of the hawk who became deer returned Hawk, the horrible story of the cat
mammon, the curious history of the Jesuit who tried to convert itself into believing all
superstitions, the beetle pellets that shit to become a god, the eyes of the holy and
virgin who pretends not to see, geometric bees, Cesare Lombroso found that the proportions of
Decent Criminal in his face but he never told anyone, the dragonfly which vibrates in its own
outline and the sparrow and the skull and again again again