02 april 2016
Fabrizio Cotognini show at Castiglia di Saluzzo, IGAV
Saturday 2 April, 2016

New works and new production: opening Saturday, April 2, 2016, 17 hours
Twenty important works have come to Castile to join the more than forty
that are already part Permanent Exhibition, part of the inner circle
of "the contemporary Places" recognized by the Ministry of Culture.
Fifteen of artists who participated in the last two years more
dell'IGAV prestigious international initiatives, five artists already present.
On this occasion, the architecture exhibition of the collection was
totally renewed.
These novelties that Castilla offers visitors after the winter break, the
reopening of Saturday, April 2, 17 hours.
The IGAV, private nonprofit institution largely financed by contributions from the
Members, therefore, remains committed to contribute continuously to life
culture of the City of Saluzzo, is providing opportunities to the territory verification
on the evolution of contemporary art, which is so important now in
world in terms of culture, tourism and economic, and is helping to
spread internationally the image of Saluzzo as a "City of Art."
The exhibition, housed in the premises on the ground floor of the sleeve nineteenth
former prison and inaugurated in autumn 2009, is the result of
collaboration between the City of Saluzzo and IGAV. It presents the works of
Collection in a periodic update, in order to show to the public not
one only of the current art scene split, but also, so
Dynamic, the Italian contemporary art evolution. The works of the masters
the most established young artists work side by side, which
constitute the vanguard of the artistic production of our country, already known
and appreciated internationally. The exhibition has been inhabited
Over the years the work of more than ninety artists for a total of about one hundred
The new exhibition, curated by Alessandro Demma, presents a
as renewed: the previous structure, which draws inspiration from the past
Prison function of the building, it has evolved into a visual mechanism
designed to re-decode the perception of the place and offer the visitor a
physical participation and different and more effective mental.
Next spring the project, product of agreement between municipal authorities
and IGAV, will open up new perspectives. There will be new temporary exhibitions,
which they will follow the seven exhibitions, all of high standard and many valence
International, have already been held between 2009 and 2015. This new materialize
initiatives, related, in particular, young artists and the territory, starting from
creation of an area of ​​"Project Room" dedicated to artists under 35, aimed at
increase opportunities for encounter and dialogue between the Italian art world and
International and the realities of the Piedmontese and the Saluzzo territory.
New Arrivals: Matteo Basile, Fabrizio cotognini, Carlo Ferraris, Gioberto Noro,
Pierpaolo list, Claudia Losi, Eleonora Manca, Tancredi Mangano, Massimo
Mastrorillo, Marco Blacks, Simon Perathoner, Pietro Privitera, Pierluigi Pusole,
Alessandro Sarra and Ciro Vitale.
New works by artists already present: Nicola Bolla, Philip Centenarians, Corinna
Gosmaro, Elena Tortia, Luisa Valentini.
original core: Maura Banfo, Gabriella Benedini, Dominic Borrelli,
Cagol, Gianni Caravaggio, David Coulter, Dario Ghibaudo, Paul
Grassino, Paolo Leonardo, Nicus Lucà, Masbedo, Nino Migliori, Enrico
Partengo, Francesco Sena, Saverio Todaro and Fabio Viale. section Archive
The One Minutes: Maura Banfo, Botto & Bruno, Bianco-Valente, Giulia Caira,
Philip Centenarians, Danilo Correale, Valentina Ferrandes, Paolo Grassino,
Moio & Sivelli.
The exhibition and the permanent collection is part of "Contemporary Saluzzo -
IGAV a draft common art ", organized in collaboration with the City of
Saluzzo; under the patronage of the Piedmont Region and the Province of Cuneo; with the
contribution of the CRT Foundation; Flyren official partner.
Exhibition and permanent collection IGAV - Place of Contemporary
Castiglia Saluzzo
Piazza Castello 1, ground floor - Saluzzo
the rearrangement Opening Saturday, April 2, 2016, at 17