Fabrizio Cotognini: And Why do you worry about clothes?, 2017, red pencil on Mylar, 50 cm x 60cm ,courtesy of Prometeogallery of Ida Pisani

And why do you feel sorry for the dress? Look at how the lilies of the field grow: they do not work and do not spin. Yet I tell you that even Solomon, with all his glory, did not dress like one of them. (Mt 6: 28-29) These two verses are the input for this series of drawings, faithful replicas of clothes borrowed from great masters of classical and contemporary art, to create a great visual rebus. The warning of Matthew's verses is a perfect disarming reflection on current but also universal value and reflection. Just the dress becomes the subject, subtracted from his character becomes the protagonist of a conceptual work that induces the spectator to a series of discoveries, details, symbols and reading keys. This work intends to capture attention on everything that is secondary, but not necessarily in importance or allegorical charge. Observing the dress, the spectator is invited to decipher the context and provenance, but also to investigate how this character's subtraction makes a subject timeless and timeless. The annulment of the space and the protagonist, projects the Dress and with it the representation of some symbolic and values ​​in a timeless sphere, in which the spectator is invited to project.