28 january 2017
Fabrizio Cotognini, RAID, Bologna

Alessandro Brighetti | Giulio Cassanelli | CCH | Marco Ceroni | Max Coppeta | Fabrizio Cotognini | Arthur Duff | Matteo Fato | Andrea Nacciarriti | Roberto Paci Dalò | Francesca Pasquali | Ivana Spinelli | Giuseppe Stampone | Laura Renna | Giovanni Termini | Ciro Vitale

Suburbs are the core.
The working, logistic, manufacturing, agricultural and productive center of an exhausted social and economic fabric. To cross suburbs means to go through a pitiful sensation of lost, a wide land riddled with tiny black holes. Symbols of anthropocene’s social/economic crash, these industrial mausoleums run over artists, whom should be honoured to re-qualify those kind of areas.The artistic project implies an incursion by the artists in an abandoned factor y in Bologna’ suburb, huge in dimension as much as in the sense of quick abandonment, in the morning of januar y the 28th. Ever y artist is invited to interpretate the chosen venue during the following 6 hours. The action does not contemplate any invasive, structural or vandalic approach.Every site-specific work is due to be abandoned itself, a symbolic offer posed on the altar of the human genius, transforming the plant into a Museum for pigeons. An extemporaneous and symbolic act, tent to celebrate the traces of a glorious past through the re-formulation of its ruins. A mandala to industry.The action is structured as an offer and it is far from the market dynamics. It will be spread only on the web, the apt ground to host an inter vention that does not inscribe in the definition of sculpture, installation, happening, per formance or street art, though comprehending them all.
Art is here meant and shared as a sublime act.
Ever y artist will be equipped with a full HD web cam which will record the whole artistic process..The fruition of the action will be exclusively on the web through the streaming direct. The website www.fatstudio.org will embed the list of ever y personal intervention, offering the audience a pocket experience of the constant development of ever y single work and working process.RAID - Museo per piccioni is a project focusing on the multifaceted artistic practice, expressed in a short period and through an intimate direction, and on the gathering and developing capacity of the artists, in a celebration context far from the market dynamics.