18 july 2019
Fabrizio Cotognini in a group show Kronos e Kairos
curated by Lorenzo Benedetti, at Palatino Fori Imperiali From 19 July to 3 November
Nina Beier – Catherine Biocca – Fabrizio Cotognini – Dario D’Aronco – Rä di Martino – Jimmie Durham – Kasia Fudakowski – Giuseppe Gabellone – Hans Josephsohn – Oliver Laric – Cristina Lucas – Matt Mullican – Hans Op De Beeck – Giovanni Ozzola – Fernando Sánchez Castillo.
21 june 2019
20 june 2019
Fabrizio Cotognini show at Demons in a Line at Prometeogallery of Ida Pisani
curated by Alessandro Romanini
14 june 2019
Fabrizio Cotognini show in Pompeii, Do ut do
curated by Andrea Viliani, set up Mario Cuccinella
26 april 2019
Fabrizio Cotognini show in Ritmo Bodoni at Castiglia di Saluzzo (CN)
curate by di Claudia Borrelli e Mario Francesco Simeone
04 april 2019
Fabrizio Cotognini, show at Mia with Prometeogallery of Ida Pisani
Booth D 28
27 february 2019
Fabrizio Cotognini show at Arco Madrid with Prometeogallery of Ida Pisani
01 february 2019
Fabrizio Cotognini show at Anatomical Theatre at Archiginnasio, with Do ut do Bologna
31 january 2019
Fabrizio Cotognini show at Arte Fiera with Prometeogallery of Ida Pisani
15 november 2018
Fabrizio Cotognini, sho at Art Dusseldorf with Prometeo gallery of Ida Pisani
10 november 2018
Fabrizio Cotognini at Forum of contemporanee arts, Mambo Bologna
01 november 2018
Fabrizio Cotognini ad Artissima con la Prometeo gallery di Ida Pisani
Main Section - Booth Dark Blue 16 / Orange 15
Vernissage 1.11.2018 | 11:00 - 20:00
2 - 4.11. 2018 | 12:00 - 20:00
OVAL, Lingotto Fiere
via Giacomo Matté Trucco, 70,
15 october 2018
19 Premio Cairo
Palazzo Reale Milano
11 october 2018
Fabrizio Cotognini at Art Verona 2018 with Prometeogallery of Ida Pisani
from 11 to 15 October, 2018, Verona
13 september 2018
Fabrizio Cotognini, Reversed Theatre
solo show, curated by Lorenzo Benedetti at Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo
01 july 2018
the call of cthulhu curated by Lorenzo Benedetti and Aloisia Leopardi
15-june - 4 november Palazzo Mazzarino, via Maqueda 383- Palermo
Salvatore Arancio
Fabrizio Cotognini
Giovanni Ozzola
Gianni Politi
Pietro Ruffo
Domenico mangano e Marieke Van Roy
17 june 2018
Raid Corleone
24 may 2018
Fabrizio Cotognini, show in Tiblisi, Georgia
Evidence. a New state of art
13 april 2018
Fabrizio Cotognini, show at Miart 2018
pad 3 stand d26
11 april 2018
Perchè il cielo è di tutti e la terra no? A cura di Giuseppe Stampone
the pool new york, Milano
Paola Angelini, Luigi Carboni, Fabrizio Cotognini, Matteo Fato, Ugo La Pietra, Maria Morganti, Marco Neri, Paolo Parisi, Alfredo Pirri, Eugenio Tibaldi, Gian Maria Tosatti
24 march 2018
Fabrizio Cotognini at Premio Santa Croce
9 edition
David Casini, Francesco Casolari, T-yong Chung, Sara Ciuffetta, Fabrizio Cotognini,
Giulio Delvè, Marco Di Giovanni, Cristiano Focacci Menchini, Graziano Folata,
Chiara Giorgetti, Luca Pancrazzi, Phillippa Peckham, Ivana Spinelli, Giovanni Termini

02 march 2018
Fabrizio Cotognini Messa in scena di un'opera letteraria per un teatro fatto di carta ... il Faust
Messa in scena di un'opera letteraria per un teatro fatto di carta ... il Faust is the new project by Fabrizio Cotognini. We are pleased to announce that
for the installation Blixa Bargeld (https://www.facebook.com/Offizielle-Seite-Blixa-Bargeld-18…/) did an original sound recording of Faust's "Studierzimmer"
11 february 2018
Fabrizio Cotognini, show at Evidence. A New State of Art a castel sant'Elmo, Napoli. 11 febbrary - 11 march 2018
curate by Alessandro Demma e Su Peng
02 february 2018
Fabrizio Cotognini show at Artefiera Bologna con Prometeogallery
Pad.26 Stand B32
27 january 2018
Fabrizio Cotognini, show at IDEAL-TYPES in Amsterdam
An exhibition at HE.RO [Maurits Hertzberger and Gabriel Rolt], Amsterdam, the Netherlands Exhibition Dates: 27 January 2017 – 31 March 2018 Formulated by Alfredo Cramerotti, with additional input by Elsa Barbieri on behalf of Art Contemporary, Partnersh
Exhibition Launch Evening: Saturday 27 January 2018 from 17 hrs
with performance by:
Tomoko Mukaiyama
Gernot Wieland

HE.RO is pleased to present a major exhibition of the work of 16 international artists to mark the launch of their new gallery space in Amsterdam North. The inaugural exhibition is an episodic narrative that takes its name from a term developed by the sociologist Max Weber. For him, “ideal-types” are models that share characteristic with actual real-life objects but do not derive from or correspond to any specific example; that is, they hold no relation to an external reality to represent.

What drives the exhibition therefore is the desire for a seductive kind of verisimilitude, at the same time meticulous and insubstantial; borrowing an expression from the critic Adam Jasper in relation to video games, “you can walk through a hedge without disturbing a leaf.” The declared ambition of the curators of the show is the study of the internal logic of a foreign world.

Embracing uncertainty rather than defined knowledge, the exhibition opens up to the possibility of reading things differently, without claiming representation. Philosophically speaking, it proposes un-knowing in order to make room to accommodate something we don’t know [yet].

A number of works presented in the gallery have been especially commissioned and realized for the show. Among others, a new sculptural installation by Athanasios Argianas, work on paper based on an original 18th century etching by Fabrizio Cotognini, and an installation / performance by Gernot Wieland, which will be premiered at the launch evening. Other works are by artists never shown in the Netherlands before, reflecting the goal of the new gallery’s program that aims to present in Amsterdam the best of the international contemporary art production.

The exhibition is curated by Alfredo Cramerotti, Director, MOSTYN, and Head Curator, APT Global Artist Pension Trust, in dialogue with the artists and with the additional support by Elsa Barbieri. For press enquiries and images, please email Gabriel Rolt, Artistic Director, HE.RO, gabriel@hero-gallery.com or call +31 (0) 625005374.
30 november 2017
Fabrizio Cotognini for Parallelo 42, GARDENS, 2017

Parallelo42 Contemporary art

coming soon

2017 Collection GARDENS

TAROT GARDEN “Aesthetica” Niki de Saint Phalle’s secret shelter - Bloum Cardenas

PARK LIVING ART Art towards nature, a roundtrip - Piero Gilardi

SUPERKILEN Globalation - Bjarke Ingels

VERTICAL FOREST Architecture between technology and society - Stefano Boeri


Thomas Berra - Gardens Mediterranean origins inspirations

Sissi Greek - Garden inspirations

Fabrizio Cotognini - Roman Garden inspirations

Mauro Reggio - Formal Garden inspirations
15 november 2017
Fabrizio Cotognini, Raid, The Book
Limited edition of 100, serigraphy on artist book
03 november 2017
Fabrizio Cotognini, Raid, la ricreazione
R A I D is committed to dealing with the fragile theme of the School.
On Friday, November 3, at the sound of the first bell, the platoon of artists will screen the Pertini Institute of Turin, the basin of the ex MOI area, Lingotto, involving organic lecturers and millennial students in the realization of their vision of pedagogy.
Any artistic incursion, as provided by the Format Manifesto, will be offered to the Institute.
02 november 2017
Fabrizio Cotognini show at Artissima 2017 Turin, with Prometeogallery of Ida Pisani
13 october 2017
Fabrizio Cotognini show at ArtVerona, with Prometeogallery of Ida Pisani
10 september 2017
WATCH THE LINE WHILE CROSSING a cura di / curated by Alessandro Romanini
opening: Sabato 9.09.2017 ore 19 | Saturday 9.09.2017 at 7pm 10 - 30.09.2017 | Chiesa di San Matteo | Piazza San Matteo 3 | Lucca
Maria José Arjona / Giuseppe Buzzotta / Gabriella Ciancimino / Fabrizio Cotognini / DEMOCRACIA / Luca Gaddini / Regina José Galindo / Dženan Hadžihasanović / Hiwa K / Aníbal López (A1-53167) / Marcantonio Lunardi / Edson Luli / María Evelia Marmolejo / Ivan Moudov / Francesca Montinaro / Ruben Montini / Giovanni Morbin / Ciprian Mureşan / Nam June Paik / Michelangelo Pistoletto / Mario Santizo / Giuseppe Stampone / Santiago Sierra / Veres Szabolcs / Stefanos Tsivopoulos / Sandra Vásquez de la Horra / Driant Zeneli / Mary Zygouri / Dragan Zoli
09 september 2017
The memory and the object
Fabrizio Cotognini show in Capri
Italian and Iranian artists together in the extraordinary convent on the Faraglioni, present their works during the fourth edition of the Contemporary Visions exhibition at Certosa. For the first time, Iran performs, in a collective exhibition, its artists in comparison with the Italians, each and every one selected according to the curatorial choices of both countries
04 june 2017
fabrizio cotognini show in Caracas, Sala Tac Trasnocho cultural from 4 june

Curated by Antonello Tolve

Adolfo Alayón | Luis Arroyo | Camilo Barboza | Umberto Boccioni | Ángela Bonadies | Hayfer Brea | Zeinab Rebeca Bulhossen | Iván Candeo | Max Coppeta | Fabrizio Cotognini | Antonio Della Guardia | Marcel Duchamp | Magdalena Fernández | Jason Galarraga | Manuel Eduardo González | Kazimir Malevič | Domenico Antonio Mancini | Luis Millé Antonio Paz | Enrico Pulsoni | Armando Reveron | Giovanni Termini | Eugenio Tibaldi | Eduardo Vargas Rico

TAC Hall (Trasnocho Cultural) / La Caja (Cultural Chacao Center) / Italian Cultural Institute.
05 may 2017
Fabrizio Cotognini, at Lucca art fair, Prometeogallery
31 march 2017
Sfornare Mondi
Raid | Sfornare Mondi (Baking Worlds)
12 hrs live stream on fatstudio.org

Free and non-dogmatic format, RAID implies an action by a selected group of artists in an iconic location different in any edition.
Friday the 31st the project will be host in the dismissed plant where Pasticceria G. Cova used to produce panettone. The century-old confectionery enterprise imposes Alimentation as topic on the edition, few months after the closing of the global Expo.
Within 6 hours the squad will perform an intervention coherent to the semiotic structure of the project and to the morphology of the space.
The gravity point is the spontaneous aggregation of artists that decide to celebrate and to offer their own creativity, intimacy, ideas, free and far from the market dynamics.
RAID architecture is split into two parts: from 11am to 5pm visual interventions will be realised, while from 5pm to 11pm experimentation will widen for the first time to the most actual researches in the contamination between jazz and electronic music.
Friction will be possible via online streaming throughout the 12 hours, offering the audience an intimate and voyeuristic approach to the artistic practice. This edition is open to public.
RAID is meant to be an offer on the altar of creativity.
RAID is a free act, theorised and developed by Fat Ass. Cultural Association.

www. f a t s t u d i o. o r g
i n f o @ f a t s t u d i o. o r g

March 31st , 2017 - from 11.00 to 23.00
Via Popoli Uniti n° 11\13
M1 Fermata Rovereto


30 march 2017
15 march 2017
Raid, on alfabeta
Antonello Tolve
03 february 2017
Do ut Do
02 february 2017
Fabrizio cotognini, le 10 opere da non perdere ad Arte fiera
28 january 2017
Fabrizio Cotognini, RAID, Bologna
20 january 2017
Fabrizio Cotognini, arte fiera, Prometeogallery di Ida Pisani
26/30-01.2017 Bologna Italy, Hall 26 / booth b30
16 december 2016
Fabrizio Cotognini, is a question of time on artribune by Antonello Tolve
15 december 2016
Fabrizio Cotognini, Is a qeustion of time solo show curated by Lorenzo Benedetti
06 november 2016
Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna
from 6 oct - to 13 nov
show at Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna
31 october 2016
Fabrizio Cotognini show at Artissima with Prometeogallery of Ida Pisani

Maria José Arjona
Gabriella Ciancimino
Fabrizio Cotognini
Regina José Galindo
Hiwa K
Maria Evelia Marmolejo
Beto Shwafaty
Santiago Sierra
Giuseppe Stampone
Driant Zeneli
12 october 2016
Fabrizio Cotognini
Thaumaturgus opticus
02 august 2016
Fabrizio Cotognini show at Peninsula Art Museum di Weihai Cina
from 6 to 26 agoust
23 april 2016
Fabrizio Cotognini, show at la Biennale del disegno di Rimini
world Profile and natural story, from Guido Reni to Francis Bacon , From Andrea Pazienza to Kiki Smith
23 april 2016
Fabrizio Cotognini show in bruxelles. Pelle
EXHIBITION’S OPENING Tuesday 19 April from 6 to 9 pm
22 april 2016
Fabrizio Cotognini show in Art Brussels with Prometeogallery of Ida Pisani
Fri 2- Sun 24 April
08 april 2016
Fabrizio Cotognini show at Miart with Prometeogallery of Ida Pisani
02 april 2016
Fabrizio Cotognini show at Castiglia di Saluzzo, IGAV
Saturday 2 April, 2016
08 march 2016
Fabrizio Cotognini on Tuesday, 8 March at 6pm in the Arthur & Janet C. Ross Library at the American Academy in Rome.
30 january 2016
Fabrizio Cotognini vincitore del premio Rotary Valle della Samogia
Arte fiera Bologna
Il Rotary Valle del Samoggia conferisce invece il proprio riconoscimento in danaro, giunto a cinque anni di vita, a La Bugia di Fabrizio Cotognini, nato nel 1983 nelle Marche (Prometeogallery). “Il lavoro di Cotognini”, si legge nella nota della giuria, “recupera con grande qualità e competenza la relazione con la nostra storia dell’ arte declinandola e attualizzando il tema dell’alchimia nella sua dimensione trasformativa…”.
29 november 2015
Fabrizio Cotognini show in Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales, La havana Cuba
From 26 November to 30 Dicember at Maretti price
PARALLELO 42 Contemporary Art

With his feet resting heavily on Clouds
Burçak Bingöl | Fabrizio Cotognini | H.H. Lim | Enrico Pulsoni | Aslı Sinman Kutluay
a cura di Antonello Tolve
19 november 2014
Fabrizio Cotognini, solo show at prometeogallery of Ida Pisani, 19 November 2014
Havel Havalim
: november 20th 2014 - january 9th 2015

Prometeogallery is pleased to present the solo exhibition by artist Fabrizio Cotognini entitled Havel havalim.
03 june 2014
Per aquam
Creatures and memories
The core-concept of Cotognini's project for this exhibition, articulated in several installations rigorously site specific, is the sea, conceived as archive and treasure chest of memories, limitless repository of objects and relics coming from a past that water and time, «that mighty sculptor» (Yourcenar), transform, conceal, and, sometimes, return back to us.