17 june 2018
Raid Corleone

Alessandro Brighetti
Giulio Cassanelli
Rebecca Agnes
Pierpaolo Campanini
Fabrizio Cotognini
Paolo Fresu
Giovanni Gaggia
Paolo Grassino, Gisella Chaudry, Chiara Gullo, German Ortolani, Raffaele Milazzo
Alfredo Jaar
H H Lim
Lite Orchestra
Valerio Rocco Orlando
Laura Paoletti
Francesca Pasquali
Maria Domenica Rapicavoli
Jon Tsoi
Luca Vitone

Art and Silence are incompatible.
Like water and oil.

Treating honestly unlawful topics or unlawfully honest topics is, anyway, evacuating silence.
Existence is a rarefying process which tends to the juncture. It is consequential to line up.
Art, though having the rights, should not support crypto-languages, but spread its messages through sharp and tidy positions. For this edition, R A I D speaks and acts under the sunlight. Under the Sicily’s one.

Apologia of the escaping from the twilight, from the phonetic void, from the apnea, from the sand, from the closet, from the lack of ethic taste, in its fifth edition, R A I D will tan of legality.
In Corleone.

Visual Arts, Literature, Music and Architecture cooperate to the location launch.
The artists’ practice will be enjoyed via live streaming: it will be entrusted to the eye of three film directors.
They will offer a total and intimate fruition.
Sunday, June 17, R A I D will take place in a building confiscated to mafia (Lo Bue family) and ready to be given back to the community and to light, re-acting its dynamics of the offering.

Lo Bue’s building has three floors and it’s split vertically into two specular parts.
The dividing partition is a cut, the paradigm of the Wall. No osmosis.
R A I D will work in the confiscated part, on the right side.
On the other side the non-jailed Lo Bue’s relatives.
Our official partners are the City of Corleone, the Institutions, Don Ciotti’s Libera and CIDMA, Museum of Legacy.
Behind us everyone who sacrificed their lives, those without whom history would have been worst, in front of whom we are just colorful dust.
R A I D won’t deal with the mafia topic, but with redemption, dawn and future.
R A I D aims to challenge the dark mythology linked to Corleone, through its artistic and choral action.
R A I D , as always, has complete authority in the building.-


The City of Corleone, the Prefecture, Libera, CIDMA are our official partners.

Pizza Connection

During the ‘70s and the ‘80s sicilian mafia exported enormous quantities of heroine in the USA.
Heroine was sold in italian pizzerias, restaurants and clubs.
The investigation which brought to light the drug traffic was called “Pizza Connection”.
In order to destroy the cliché about italian activities, R A I D sewed a net of pizzerias and restaurants based in New York. They will post the live streaming on their social networks.
Pure culture, uncut, is the stuff to push.

The Net:

Sole Luna
Sotto le Stelle


R A I D  is an online format.

June 17, Authors will enter the building at 2:00 pm and in 6 hours they will realise an artwork/intervention/performance. The artistic practice of each Author will be shown live streaming by 3 film directors who will have a youtube channel each.
At 8:00pm the authors will leave the place. All the artworks will become part of the building.

Where to watch R A I D :

FatStudio, author and producer of the format.

Libera, combative stronghold for the defence of civil rights.

CIDMA, pagan temple for the defence of legality.

WhiteBox, an alternative non-profit art space dedicated to socially relevant artists’ practice, based in NYC

Authors’ websites and social networks.

Tips for the Authors

Authors are invited to study the map and the following documentation, to choose their spot and to refer it to us.
Rooms, stairs with wide walls, lightning, outdoor walls, terraces, the garden and the basement are available to use.
R A I D has complete authority in the building.
Authors are free to express their creativity in any direction and they are responsible of their actions, message and signature.
R A I D is a network of artists. There are no curators nor bosses.

After R A I D, the building will become a public stronghold, containing offices and a cultural interdisciplinary space.