02 november 2019
Fabrizio Cotognini show at Perno 2
curated by Musketeers

One year after the project that saw the Perno Castle widen its cultural vocation - already crucial in the history of Italian literature - welcoming for the first time in its halls contemporary art, here is a new and numerically wider exhibition collective, intended to definitively consolidate - and over time - the famous Castello as an exceptional exhibition space for Piedmont and Italy in general. If in 2018 the exhibition entitled "Hybrid", curated by Alberta Romano and Clarissa Tempestini, had focused on the concept of conceptual and formal hybridization of the artistic experience, selecting ten more or less young Italian authors, accompanying them to a master historian, Elio Marchegiani, wanted for his versatility and transversality of research, on this new occasion the focus of the analysis of the national territory has shifted mainly on the intermediate generation, simultaneously freeing the project from a thematic thread and coming to collect a selection of that variegated Italian artistic climate that originated during the Nineties, and definitive maturation between the first and second decade of the new millennium. Each with a work, the eighteen artists invited to present have welcomed the invitation to dialogue with their work in a space rich in history, emotionally engaging and artistically stimulating, free from thematic constraints, as well as disconnected from an approach the curatorial choice was thematic, entrusted to the scientific committee of the Musketeers, the curator of the event, who favored disparate researches that provided the broadest possible vision of the current national art scene. Finally, as in the last edition, the collective was included among the collateral events of Artissima, testifying to the importance of this new exhibition opportunity that the Castello di Perno offers to artists, the territory, collectors and art lovers. Contemporary. Curated by M U S K E T E E R S