11 february 2018
Fabrizio Cotognini, show at Evidence. A New State of Art a castel sant'Elmo, Napoli. 11 febbrary - 11 march 2018
curate by Alessandro Demma e Su Peng

On Saturday 10 February at 12.00pm, the Ambulatories of Castel Sant’Elmo will play
host to the inauguration of  Evidence. A New State of Art, an exhibition curated by Alessandro
Demma and Su Peng. The works of 16 Italian artists and 16 Chinese artists – the fruits of
entirely independent expression, reflection and experimentation – will encapsulate different
worlds and visions through the production of forms created over the course of around 50

An interweaving of languages, techniques, signs and symbols – encompassing drawing,
painting, sculpture, photography, video and installation – reproduces the multifarious,
heterogeneous universe of contemporary art. The short, but nevertheless effective,
summation of Chinese and Italian contemporary art – through the comparing and contrasting
of different generations – constitutes one of the main strengths of the exhibition.

The exhibition project uses a format that has been widely tried-and-tested by the Garuzzo
Institute for the Visual Arts (IGAV) over the course of the 12 years since the institute was first
set up. The format is based on the sharing of responsibility for the project between two
curators, one Italian and one Chinese, with the selection of an equal number of artists linked
by their artistic and/or generational affinities. The exhibition is being staged in both
countries, in order to take full advantage of the added value of international visibility and
promotion. Indeed, promotion is a crucial element of the work of the Garuzzo Institute, which
has now developed partnerships and implemented exchanges with public- and private-sector
institutions in a total of 12 countries around the world.

Artists whose work appears in the exhibition
Italian artists: Michelangelo Pistoletto, Giulio Paolini, Luigi Mainolfi, Marisa Albanese,
Eugenio Giliberti, Pierluigi Pusole, Botto & Bruno, Alberto Di Fabio, Adrian Tranquilli, Paolo
Grassino, Marzia Migliora, Perino & Vele, Giuseppe Stampone, Domenico Antonio Mancini,
Elisa Strinna, Fabrizio Cotognini.
Chinese artists: Liang Quan, Ma Kelu, Duan Zhengqu, Zhan Wang, Wang Shuye, Chen Qiuzhi,
Yin Chaoyang, Ye Jianqing, Li Hui, Liu Bolin, Yang Xinguang, Lu Song, Qi Lei, Liu Cong, Li Yan,
Yu Linhan.