12 Years

Twelve years of Alexander the Great seen by Fabrizio Cotognini - Antonello Tolve

Analytic, precious and stinging. The work proposed by Fabrizio Cotognini for “Symbiosis?”, the “XV Biennale de la Mediterranée” (organized by “BJCEM/ Biennal of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean”), faces a series of reflections that find their matrix, their creative bundle, inside different texts from the past. “12 years”, here is the title. A title which is a sort of an incentive for a specific operation through which the artist retraces the character of Alexander the Great- and his imperial path- in order to analyse the contemporary. A present influenced by economic crisis,political collapse, paralysis of the critic, deformation of the ethic and eclipsed ideals. It is inside Warehouse 15- one of the six sheds of Thessaloniki harbour, that hosted the five nuclei of Biennal (“Visual Arts”, “Applied Arts”, “Cinema”, “Literature” and “Gastronomy”)- “12 Years” introduces itself as a strong reflection on contemporary status, as an allegory, a symbol in which ego sum becomes ego cum combining different stories and rethinking the be together parable, of “coexisting” (Nancy), of collectivity.