Fabrizio Cotognini, a true story full of lies, 2018, biacca, gold, chopper on black french paper,35 cm x 50 cm ( ich ), 14 piece, courtesy of the artist and Prometeo gallery of Ida Pisani

This project-book, which in the title affirms its entire creative process, is inspired by a reflection by Hugh Honor, who in 1968, analyzing and retracing the path of the great Neo-classical theorists, quotes the German historian Johann Joachim Winckelmann (Stendal, 9 December 1717 - Trieste, 8 June 1768), which supported an art based on the sense of harmony, simplicity and beauty.

The only way to become great, Wincklemann wrote, is to "imitate anitcheness". By imitating the historian he did not intend to copy. In fact, the imitation still involves a rigorous process of extraction, distillation and finally re-proposition. It was to "reach the real simplicity of nature" that Reynolds recommended the study of antiquity. This project is based on all these theories.

Work is formed between the subtle territory of copy and quotation; A true story full of lies, paraphrasing the subtitle of the unhappy work of Enrico Palandri. In this project we want to investigate the space where lies are often the false interpretation that is absorbed by the viewer, who can not make discernment between these two important territories. The lie as an affirmation of the false, the copy as an act of embezzlement, are often superimposed, to the laborious operation of the quotation.