Fabrizio Cotognini, For everything there is a fixed time, and a time for every businnes under the sun- , 2017, red pencil, biacca, ink and Mylar on original 1700 etching, courtesy of the artist and Prometeogallery

The work is realized by evolving the iconographic theme of the macabre dance. The change of characters and the environment makes a shift of temporal space, suitable for recounting this great theme in everyday life, in contemporaneity. At the procession of the skeletons are replaced by dancers borrowed by the great Degas artist, and the setting obtained by the use of an original 1700 engraving, the catafalchi funebri of noble Viennese, by the great Italian architect Giuseppe Galli da Bibiena, replaces the vision the rocks of the historical procession. These elements are fused to rebuild a space-time outside of any temporal perception. With the intent to stimulate, as then, even today the spectator on the theme of caducity, lightness, and thought that everything is like a breath. Drawings, architectures and projections are fused together to rebuild a light and poetic vision ... a timeless poetic place where the dead can dance (Dead Can Dance).