Fabrizio Cotognini, No monster's land, 2018, 250 cm x 80 cm,biacca and gold on black french paper and artist book. Courtesy of the artist and Prometeogallery of Ida Pisani

In this work he develops as a visual apocalypse, under the sign of the beast, and of the terror of the revelation of the mystery. But also speculation, geometry and words, reasoning that trigger the imagination. In this sphere all the wonders and monsters of the earth come together.
The flora and the fantastic fauna are subjected to a rediscovery of the image, as in a higher order, object of a transposition more and more direct, dramatic, real and contemporary.
The fantastic cycles are reborn and are continually renewed, merging into the same sphere from which they have been excluded, the reality. The main object of this work are those monsters in regions that are referred to as No Monster's Lands.
In order to designate this extravagant world, I have elaborated a research on droles.
The term is Rabelaisian and designates a fantastic and satirical genre, while modern history applies it primarily to the ornamental fantasies of books and precious objects, in this work they become a metaphor for a terrible beauty of the contemporary socio-political condition.
The structure of this work, just like in illuminated books, is built on the contrast between teaching and popular history, between parabola and fantastic story, thus creating a temporal short-circuit.