Head of Saint Andrew

Drypoint engraved on Nottingham carbon paper assembled on a light box, 78x58x15 cm
Text by Antonello Tolve

History and mythology, metaphor and witty metonym. The work of Fabrizio Cotognini follows a
linguistic line that reduces to zero the dimension of time and space, while facing texts from the past
and rebuilding the ancient using methodological measures based on an analytic nature. Head of
Saint Andrew (2012) is a triptych dedicated to one of the sovereigns of Jerusalem caste, in which
the artist underlines a reflection concerning contemporary society starting from the relic’s
possession, that is an emblem of political power. Retracing some of the facts happened during the
Crusades, the artist builds an imaginative bridge- a slow footbridge, as Heidegger, while reading
Oelderlin, would suggest- which connects archaic and contemporary in order to put an accent on a
question (maybe even on an wound), the one of political power, still open and unhealed.