Skin, 2016

 Fabrizio Cotognini, skin, 2016, pencil, ink, biacca on japanese paper mounted on steel, 260 cm x 130 cm, courtesy of the artist and Prometeogallery of Ida Pisani

I think the dialogue-imaginary fight-coupling of two animals represented not in
Their natural appearance but in a mythological dimension: the panther and hyena.
SKIN distinguishes at first glance: the Panthera pardus indicated the antiquity
super-feline enough to be used interchangeably to leopards, cheetahs, tigers and lions,
for this reason in the ancient texts they attributed the colors and speckles very different; and the
Hyaena hyaena named doubled, long-haired from lurid colors, the mane
ridge, almost a composite of animal parts of other animals.
In the imagination of the past their appearance has permitted the identification with some
human behavior and religious meanings. The Panther (which is also the loin Dante "that
pel spotted was covered ") is supple, sensual, lonely in its splendor; the muscles
vibrate beneath the shiny fur and spots seem to dance with the motion of the waves over the
skin. The skin of the panther seduces and leads to destruction humans and other animals stunned
intense fragrance that emanates. The hyena is ugly, it has shaggy, different
lengths, with spots or streaks of gray and yellowish; attacking those who are already in a group
Dying, hellish army of smelly beasts like rotten meat they eat.
The clash between these two animals, between beauty and ugliness, between Eros and Thanatos, the
complementary opposites eternal life of man and of all nature, will be represented
with works made on Japanese paper mounted on iron plate from 130cm x 130 cm
each; then the two animals will be in Natural size.