Tentativo di creare un eco mentale

Echo mental attempt creation is a visual installation consinsting of 4 modules (100x150 each) and a sounf track based in turn on a sound collection from the natural world. Each modukes contains an image that represents the Law and Order (represented through the image of four cops) imposed by the power of some countries - Italy Turkey, Greece and Spain - , that recently had political misdeeds ended with political repression by the State. In order to describe the chiefs of State of the four countries studied, I used some icons of the world's artistic heritage – the Allegory of Prudence by Tiziano, the Monomanic Envy of Gericault, the Figure of Justice of Raffaello and Oloferne by Caravaggio – metaphors, for me, of the perpetual fight between thought freedom and the cruelty of Totalitarism.

The most important part of the work is the numeretion geometry as well as the projection of some square which contains locusts. These square, rotating, create a sinusoidal movement that describes the sound of eating grasshppers. The cyclical nature of the sine wave, in addition to create, by images, the sound of the installation, contribute to indicates, in my mind, the recurrence of events, the carousel of suppression and oppression of man. And the flow of grasshoppers, a little 'everywhere, represents, finally, the symbol of a contemporary plague that impoverishes people and devours its resources.