Contamination of historical archetype

winckellmannian the comparison between the classical art and the sea is perfectly suited to the works of Fabrizio Cotognini: a property deep under a surface agitated by passions. Chaos in appearance, large and laid soul, balance like substance restless surface is a confusion of Triumphs - Fame and Time- with following Personifications, allegories, heroes and heroines, and even Greek and Latin Christians, History and Myth imagined in 1356, or so, from Petrarch almost a priest in love with woman the surface is agitated by a fake of yesteryear: the visions Petrarch figured Titian, almost certainly never, in '500 the surface is agitated by that don Michilli eminence of the Roman Catholic Church, which claims to possess the Titian and draws it incisions in 1770 much commotion of these two surfaces, which Fabrizio Cotognini, with his fury exegetical, made of experienced and steady hand, adds -why not? - vibrant beetles light blood, barbed wire of sharp lines, erasures, abrasions and overlays fury of chaos: surface agitation and all that is made. Animo large and poised, balanced. Art