I Leviatani

the book is a book of pages in which, with the reverse movement, the words frame the images, the images are geometry and movement, proceeding from the archaic to the present, from the educated to the popular and come back to the origin.
The medieval bestiary glorify the omnipotence of God, who has created a large variety of animals, this bestiary tries to explain to God what he has created.
The Leviathans, this volume explores and recovers forms of quelgli beings bound in the Marine depth. Loaded with such a strong connotation, that of having been created by God to govern the depths and dark sides of creation, live to rule havoc with their conformation.
At the beginning and at the end of the book the word leviathan ways represented by the title of the book by Thomas Hobbes of 1651. where this giant is holding one hand the sword symbol of temporality and other pastoral, a symbol of religious power, necesary to indicate a split of the two powers.
Inside the book there is a short circuit in time and space, where images follow each other and correspond from the outer edges inward, creating a cognitively discenzionale cone, to get to the central figure of the last leviathan recognized worldwide, the shark Damien Hirst, and the invention of his mythological monster in the box. The book as the other Physiologus series, born to create an imaginary journey where those who access becomes just like Captain Nemo, driving the most 'largest exploration