The project intends to act on different frontiers: first that of
representation, then the retinal plane in front of which there is located that is
presented as a timeless space where ancient and modern, image and text
confused and exalted to process a job but a new concept in the wake of
an ancient tradition that was reflected both in actuality and in the history.
Starting from a series of engravings of the German George Pencz (1500-1550), in which
His work already goes further and makes a focus on interdisciplinarity of the concept, from its
topical, it proceeds down to us, building bridges made of light images
link connections ranging from the incision, the television, YouTube You Porn,
from delicate and dreamy depiction of metaphor, to the commodification
speed image consumed today.
By a symbol to a must-have, by symbols that have centuries of history and are sometimes
become unreadable in actuality, in this artistic path become clear,
comprehensible through links from the Web, the TV series, cartoons, all
mobile app. Interesting is the change in perception towards
symbology and 'evocation.
thus bypassing the historical representation we find how the vision of the seven
Deadly Sins more 'than ever current result, in the unbridled consumption of products and
images, at a time when sexuality loses the sense and peels off to become
a small theater of commoditization, product that does not excite you but it does not stimulate
kills. Physical bulimia and image always leads us less to reflect on
Throat metaphor for a more 'close time political vision, even very close today
to disease, bulimia nervosa, craving, desire for achievement, aspiration.
Anger becomes war where few people decide the fate of many, sometimes of entire
countries and even better geographic areas, the anger becomes at times no longer a sin
capital, but a normality that is transmitted to us daily losing its
function. Greed becomes representation of a nation, but also of a class
retrograde policy that does not look to history to today but only to consume resources,
all these metaphors change of condition but do not change the function.
It is therefore interesting to analyze how this thematic art giant but also
the doctrine remains today an experienced theme, which offers daily cues
reflection. Like all great reflections on human nature, its relevance is
certainly for the constant growth that occurs in the human race.
Therefore sins are similar, change, changing uses, change the methods and means
diffusion, change fruition, change the perceptions attitudes
against what it faces, but does not change the desire clemency
a humanity that from the night of the centuries is subject and marked like Cain his
sins, which ones will always turn on themselves and always will be able to crush
man, even the wisest, even the old bare, the soles teaching
rich young man the secrets of life, he was bribed to this has been stripped of
any averee of any virtue.