La Bugia

writes the Marquis, reads the queen, illustrates cotognini the book called The Lie:

one atlas, one is the globe, like a ball of Arianna from Atlas of the River Nile ... if I am silent there is no peace
writes the Marquis Palombara (and if it is a lie because they do not put the big Hermes Three times and a promise of immortality yearning for salvation), reads the Queen of Sweden bad as hunger, illustrates cotognini
two you have to jump: the virgin afflicted, pregnant without knowing how (she too!) escapes from her, is not sovereign of Ethiopia, but suicide bombers who have to skip if you want to learn the secret comeback three
writes Palombara (and if it's a lie might as well put a little 'of cosmic sympathy, the right proportion of the Masters and Adepts, and a pinch of theriomorphism) reads Christina of Sweden who is bored to be Protestant and then Catholic and Rome underground test religiosity liturgies and theurgic operations, the book illustrates cotognini
Exterminating the three lion, rule of violence and passions, that man, by devouring devoured, captures with laces; the eagle, strength chaotic demiurgic, has captured her that always attends the sacred ministry of Jupiter, poor beasts just for this now endangered
writes the Marquis theurgist in his world at the crossroads between the wise and visionary, populated by Chaldean oracles, read the Queen from the nose that hangs, cotognini illustrates that with the expert hands shows hieratic knowledge and tightrope walking talismanic image
four five continuous sacrifice animals: lion round vial of blood that gives anger and cholera, eagle of white trash bones that give wisdom; the sacrifice of the weasel to kill it launches into the mouth toad undergoing him legendary halitosis. But if you want to get closer to the mystery of man ascend to six
He wrote the performer Palombara of Divine Works, manufacturer of alchemical doors, Law Cristina who is bored to be a woman and sometimes it is also a man, illustrates cotognini that sees the magic behind the words, sees reality
you're the dragon biting its tail, this, if it allows you a bit 'old Marquis, here's a beautiful snake of its turns that enchant, and the magic of reality is reality itself, what is that a marquis snake? a snake is a snake is a snake ...
writes the Marquis proposing the μετάνοια to subtract the ignorance and unconsciousness men with the religion of fools, reads the gonza queen who founded the Order amaranth and consoles himself with barocchissimi Jesuits since the grass does not become gold (even that of his garden), illustrates cotognini
seven still eagles with and without wings because of envy, eight amaranth engagement and Lily that you know will not work because the amaranth is poisonous even if the lily turns the other cheek
writes Massimiliano Palombara affected by the length of the book the hallucinatory effect of his own demons and thinks he has found the entrance to the garden of the Hesperides, the law Queen Christina who already thinks Arcadia, illustrates cotognini with a sure hand polished charm
nine, ten, eleven and twelve, in the past four who poses illustrates the truth: the king of all nations, asters, sacrifices, of incest dreams and at the center of all the drink you desire me to be sympathetic, universal elixir, l ' extract from '' Hermetico poppy », the American soft drink, one whose transliterated name for the Chinese market sounds something like" Kekou Kela "which can be translated with" you can drink and makes you happy. " Thinks that ass

 Fabio Ionni

These notes accompany the tables realized by Fabrizio cotognini as part of the extensive artistic program Thaumaturgus Opticus. They illustrate the Parables of Philosophy section of the book The Lie written in 1656 by the Marquis Massimiliano Palombara (1614-1685), syncretic crossroads of neo-Pythagoreanism, hermeticism and alchemy. Palombara was part of the esoteric coterie founded in Rome by Queen Christina of Sweden, also attended by the Jesuit Athanasius Kircher.