Fabrizio Cotognini: Wings of desire, 2017, 65 cm x 78 cm, red pencil, biacca, gold, ink, pencil and Mylar on original 1700 etching and black paper, Private collection Milan

This Work arises from reflection on the temporal evolution of the wing archetype. Starting from a precious base material such as the original engraving of Perseus and Andromeda, through a subtraction and rewriting path, one wants to focus attention on the wings symbol. Always bonded to the state of deity and soul, at the same time wings are a symbol of speed, often associated with the messenger of the Mercurial Gods, the Androgine, the alchemically perfect being at the highest state of alchemy, that is the aerial condition, etc. Through the vast world of winged beings, through the symbolism of Christology, tracing the world of beasts and flying, to the logic of the present, such as the Red Bull energy drink, the Harley Davidson logo, etc, up to Wim Wenders TV series from which the work draws the title, all these examples use the ever-changing wings symbol, this is the work point of interest. The work represents a reflection on the evolution of this symbol in relation to time, but also highlights the importance of its intersubjectivity and its evocative character in the multitude of fields of use.